The Next Evolution for Real Estate Agents in Destin

Technology has changed almost everything about how we buy and sell real estate, except what we pay our realtors. Until now. We built Five Star Properties - Real Estate so that you could keep more of what's yours. Our low-cost listing commissions of 4% on average saves sellers 33% of their traditional home sale costs.

There's no catch or gimmick. There are no additional fees and no forfeiture of service with this price reduction. Simply put, our real estate agents in Destin take a fiduciary approach to selling your home.


  • Certified Brokers/agents skilled at negotiating
  • 10+ years of luxury vacation rental management and real estate development experience 
  • In-house marketing agency that services hundreds of real estate agents across the country


  • Extensive marketing package that includes complimentary twilight and drone photography as well as 3-D virtual tours and floor plans
  • Award-winning housekeeping crews to assist with showings and stagings
  • Feedback and market analysis managed by your hired Realtor
  • Calls and chats answered 24/7 by your hired Realtor or our in-house Office Manager

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